Client365 Cloud Service

Client365 Cloud services

Looking for a platform to engage for client identification, engagement, management & retention services? You are just in the right stop! Client365 will help you engage, manage and retain both existing and prospective clients and create a fantastic mind-blowing brand for your business(es).

At Client365, we’re passionate about helping brands grow by enabling deeper and more personal connections with your customers. We’re proud that our talented community of large and small businesses and business owners have already started to see the power of adopting our easily client management tools.

What We Will Do!!!

Knowing and understanding your audience is key. Our SmartClient feature analyzes members to determine potential client in your business(es) location directing new potential customers to your business boosting sales and productivities thereby increasing revenue, business profitability and sustainability.

We will project and position your business(es) with the right quality web presence and strategic relationship with both potential and existing customers. We wil improve the relevance of your business(es) to all categories of clients creating more opportunities and partnership that are enduring and sustainable in the area of customer services. We will achieve this when you subscribe to our SmartSurvey feature

We won't just push every potential clients to your business(es). We will push relevant customers who are interested in your products/services. We achieve this through our SmartSearch feature. We will give directions to client to locate your business(es) easily and anywhere.

With our SmartTrend feature, you can push your latest or most recent works, products and/or services online and let our SmartTrend showcase it to the world. Let the world know how your business trend. People would love to see your products and/or services so push it on through our SmartTrend feature Now!!!

Join other fast growing businesses, enterprises and agencies who use our services to boost their sales and high turnover every day in just 3 basic steps.

  • Create your profile
  • Register your business(es) for FREE and
  • Setup your campaign requirements
  • The rest is up to us while you watch your business grow in a very short time

Client365 is not just another idea from the blues, this was born from several years of research and survey as a result of engaging small, medium business owners, understanding clearly their business challenges, its slow growth rate and low client turnover. We believe at Client365 through our numerous robust features and talented staff, we can help businesses overcome these challenges

Customer Retention Services

As digital complexity grows, your customers’ expectations do, too. The key to winning hearts—and wallets—starts with knowing who your customers are, and delivering the kinds of personalized interactions that will keep them coming back. Our customer identity, relationship and retention management platform gives you the power to deliver unparalleled marketing experiences by streamlining your business(es) with your customer identification through social interraction, and enabling diverse engagement applications that generate even more richer customer experiences. Retention reports visualize how often your customers return and engage with your businesses. Our data tracking system help you measure if the changes you make to your businesses increase customer retention.

The best relationships start with meaningful and close contact with the right connection. You build better relationships that last as your customers get the personalized interactions they want the most from you. Client365’s SmartIdentity services makes it easier for you to acquire and recognize customers across all devices, and collect the accurate customer profile data you need to power more personalized marketing.

Client365, through its robust "Customer Maximization" features automatically track your existing customers and helps your businesses generate more revenue from selling more of your existing/new products or services, showcasing your current products and/or services to new customers online by activating the Client365 SmartCampaign features. It enhances visibility of your new products or services to both new and existing customers boosting and skyrocketting sales and productivities.

Through its robust SmartCampaign programme will not only deliver SMS, Email and Video Campaign to your clients or customers. Our SmartBrand services will help you organize and build profitable Brand arround your business(es) to boost sales and productivity. Brand your business in 2 Business days?

At Client365, our aim is to continually reach out to all businesses in every nook and cranny. We seek agents all over the globe to help bring this dream to reality through our SmartRefer programme. Register for Client365 referer/channel manager programme and earn lots of dollars every month. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Register on your personal profile
  • Submit your SmartRefer™ Application
  • Your application will be reviewed and approved/rejected

Attend our quarterly webinar training program for free and benefits from loads of resources that will enhance your marketing skills availing you more opportunities to earn more money. Visit our Blog site for more information. Visit our download site for the following:

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