Brainxdrill Social Media

Brainxdrill Social Media

We plan to launch an online Interactive Learning and Networking Media Platform in Nigeria targeting learning audience across various academic disciplines and levels with huge availability and opportunities on the platform for content discovery and conversation. This will be made available globally though presently undergoing major transformation to further harness the power common interests for members in the academic sector with high impact towards learning.

Brainxdrill will enable members to browse real-time content, engage in conversations and build new connections, creating their own custom stream of document(library), video and audio content, primarily based on members' academic discipline and from other discipline that interest them. This provides huge opportunities for registered members to have broad knowledge in other academic disciplines leveraging on daily member interactions in their primary discipline and as well other fields of study

Members can share and discuss their favorite academic content or topic, creating their own academic interest-based communities(study group/room) or joining a chat or interactions in an existing community(study group/room). With roots in Nigeria, it stimulates conversations around academic interests published by registered members in both Nigeria and audience around the globe. Content partners, publishing unique content, can participate to carefully create content to match the demographic and appeal to the style and interests of online members

Based on each member’s interests, Brainxdrill will builds the perfect stream of posts, videos and threads about topics that are important to them, making it easy for members to filter through the clutter and only discover information that are of academic value to them.

Our aim is to transform Brainxdrill into a platform that fundamentally allow us to disrupt the social media space. This will be a big step forward for us, our users and our content partners, as we take them with us on an exciting journey into new geographical territories. We see this as only the beginning as we aim to make Brainxdrill the learning platform of choice for millennials. All these will be made available on all platforms like Android, iOS and online at

  • Make connections
  • Meet and connect with creators, institution experts, and peers by recommendations based on social graph analysis matching.
  • Make meaningful connections and expand your knowledge and opportunities
  • Guardian & Counselling module for online member career
  • Any academic materials shared with favorites friends or connections will come at a cost to the sender via PayPal, Verve, MasterCard etc.