IT Quality Assurance Integration

IT Quality Assurance Integration

Primesoft Technologies specializes in Quality Assurance and has provided wide range of QA to organizations in various capacity. We have specialized best-of-breed QA team with vast experience and understanding in software testing inline with organization specific requirements. We integrates our QA team into SME seamlessly without interrupting existing business operations.

As part of our integration culture, we ensure that projects meet defined standards, according to the software development process. Our IT quality assurance team works to identify projects and establish processes or improve existing process of software development needs, where necessary.

Our workflow model ensures we manage the quality assurance of software through rigorous software testing, analyzed project requirements case by case, identify critical path and potential risks and subject projects to rigorous test. Once the code is provided to Primesoft, our code review expert review the quality of code released by developer ensuring development standards and followed.

Primesoft quality testers use special functional/system and integration test environments to ensure that the software meets the business requirements in terms of functionality, security and performance. The quality assurance team collects and publishes detailed error report metrics. This gives our client insight into the testing process and provides independent information.

Our team of expert code reviewer works in-line with your development team to revise existing code base for code analysis and identifies the code constructs that cause safety vulnerabilities, publish a detailed report, describing the problems and suggestions to troubleshoot the code for added security. This will allow your development teams to understand and prevent its joint code logic errors and other errors in the future.

Our team of security experts employs a combination of static analysis tools and "eyes on" manual control, so that you can find the errors quickly and provides for the restoration of this coding error. Primesoft team of code reviewer can perform review on applications written in various programming languages such C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Java, and some other proprietary scripting languages such as Finacle along side the variety of web technologies like Ruby, PHP, Perl and AJAX.